Teen Titans Roll!
An actual-play D&D podcast that reimagines the world of 2003 animated series "Teen Titans" in a fantasy setting.

S1E2 - Episode 2: Conquer

The Titans face off against the concrete colossus Cinderblock... for a very, very long time.

S1E3 - Episode 3 Part 1: Sisters

The Titans deal with the aftermath of their unintentional killing of Cinderblock and the mysterious events that occurred around it, in addition to the arrival of someone from Starfire's past.

S1E4 - Episode 3, Part 2: Sisters

The Titan's search for alien invaders brings Starfire and her sister Blackfire to space, where unforeseen emotional twists threaten not just the two Tamaranean's relationship but also the entire North American continent.

S1E5 - Episode 3 part 3: Sisters

The Titans face off against Blackfire and gain a bit of insight into the machinations of political forces beyond anything they have faced before.

S1E6 - Episode 4 Part 1: Forces of Nature

The Titans struggle with heightened tensions brought on from recent events when entities of Nature's chaos appear to make Jump City their plaything. Can the Titans overcome these rambunctious brothers or the mysterious figure that seeks to manipulate them? Find out on this episode of TTR!

S1E7 - TTR! Episode 4: Part 2: Forces of Nature

Slade appears, confronting Robin, and Starfire and Lightning engage in a battle of both body and mind. Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg battle to bring down a Great Fire Elemental before it can turn Jump City to ash and cinder.  

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S1E8 - TTR Episode 5: His Parts

Cyborg has trouble performing and the rest of the team beat the living hell out of a street magician. 

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S1E9 - TTR Episode 6: Part 1: Nevermore

In combat with the enigmatic Dr. Light, Raven discovers that she doesn't have as much of a handle on her emotions as she thought. Beast Boy and Cyborg later attempt to uncover what troubles her, discovering instead that they may be in for more than they bargained for. 

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S1E10 - TTR Episode 6: Part 2: Nevermore

Cyborg and Beast Boy find themselves in a strange realm populated with both the familiar and unknown. Outside this place meanwhile, Robin and Starfire take another step towards uncovering a mystery of their own. 

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S1E11 - TTR: Episode 7: Cyborg's Hand, or Giant Beast Boy

The Titans receive a mysterious package that contains within a secret that brings the team closer to defeat than ever before... Raven and Starfire also go to a rave.

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